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Latest Report Summary

Summary of key findings for parents

This provision is good

  • The manager and staff team understand their roles and responsibilities. They actively seek the views of others, such as parents, to help them reflect on their practice and identify aspects of the environment to improve.

  • Staff assess children's progress regularly to help them identify any gaps in their learning. They plan for children's next steps in learning, for example, using their observations and information from parents. This helps children to make good progress.

  • Children are motivated and engaged learners who are eager to participate in activities. Staff use a variety of methods, such as questions, to support all children's communication and language skills.

  • Children behave well. They freely take turns, share and consider the views, thoughts and opinions of other children. Staff are calm, respectful and have high expectations of children.

  • Parents are kept informed about their children's progress, for example, during the daily discussions with staff. Partnerships with parents and local schools are good. Parents feel welcome and are complimentary about the nursery.

Ofsted Reports

21 October 2016

Published 11 November 2016


25 October 2012

Published 20 November 2012


14 November 2008

Published 03 December 2008


31 October 2007

Published 08 November 2007


26 April 2004

Published 21 September 2004

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